The next important date is the 58th Tucson Gem & Mineral Show's main event, February 9-12, 2012, in the Downtown Tucson's Convention Center Arena, where our Jade Through the Ages annual world class exhibit will take place.

The submissions for the International Jade Sculpture Symposium will be on display for your viewing and votes on the 15th of September, with 50 awesome creations. A must see!!

In conjuntion with the SANTA BARBARA JADE & OCEAN ARTS FESTIVAL this past May, there was a little article published in the April 2011 Newsletter of PalaGems, here is the link to the archive. Check it out.

And of course, I will also be showing again at the 20th Annual BIG SUR JADE FESTIVAL, October 7, 8 & 9th. 2011.

As to my 'non-jade' sculptures, I am only showing with 1 gallery right now. in Vancouver, the CERULEAN Gallery.